EMIL GROUP與意大利著名瓷磚集團Emilceramica與馬拉齊集團(Marazi Group)同屬美國莫和克工業公司(Mohawk Industries),是意大利時尚代表的瓷磚品牌,頗具實力藝術手繪大板大理石的瓷磚品牌。專注于住宅與商用領域,注重產品的設計創新與更廣闊的應用范圍,多次榮獲意大利Cersaie 設計大獎。


Emilceramica,a famous ceramic tile company in Italy,which belongs to American Mohawk Industries as same sa Marazzi Group,It is the most fashional brand in ceramic tile field,most powerful and a unique brand which is large marble plate of art and hand-painted.It focuses on residential and commercial areas,planning and innovation of products,and a wider application range on every products,and won the Italy Cersaie Award for serveral times.



Fuoriformato是意大利Target Group旗下的高端設計品牌,集團成立于 1997年,位于意大利摩德納,憑借獨特的藝術設計高品質的產品,享譽世界。


Fuoriformato is a high-end design brand owned by Italian Target Group, which was founded in 1997 and located in modena, Italy. With its unique artistic design and high-quality products, Fuoriformato enjoys a worldwide reputation.

Each ceramic tile is operated by the designer himself, the strength of the unique artistic works described, to achieve real private customization, high-end elegance, fully fit to meet the personalized needs of high-end customers.




A famous brand in ceramic tile ,and won the award for "the Beautiful Design of Creamic Tile in Italy". Its design inspiration of all products comes from the interpretation on international fashion trend, at the same time , it places emphasis on the segmentation of different markets,andthen provides a solution for the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality in the professional field.

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